Self-massage techniques to eliminate muscle pain. All you need is a tennis ball!

After several months of inactivity and change of rhythm, you probably aren’t in the best shape and you even may have gained some pounds!

Getting back in your regular sports routine can sometimes be a bit painful, as muscles can ache and become tight.

The next self-massage tips can immediately reduce muscle pain.

All you need are 2 tennis balls!

The tennis ball massage technique goes into the deepest muscle and connective tissue.

They relieve soreness, pain and increase blood and oxygen circulation.


massage at home cannes
Stand straight and hold one ball on your shoulder blade.

Roll the ball slowly in all directions, starting from the base of your scull into the neck and towards the top of your arm.

Bend your head down in the opposite direction.

Continue for 3-4 mins and repeat on the other side.


massage at home vence area
Lie down and place two balls side by side in a sock and settle them under the base of your skull.

Breathe while you rest for 1 min.

Gently nod your head as the balls nuzzle into the back of your neck.

Then pivot your head from side to side, as if saying “no.”

Alternate back and forth for 3-4 mins.

Upper back:

massage at home vallauris
Lie down and place two balls together, in a sock side by side, on either side of your upper back.

Interlace your hands behind your head and lift your head off the floor, bringing your chin toward your chest.

Lift your bottom off the floor while bending your knees.

Roll the balls up and down your upper back for 3-4 mins.

Lower back:

massage at home antibes
Place 2 balls together in a sock at your lower back and lie on it.

Breathe deeply while moving your pelvis back and forth so that the balls roll all over your lower back.

Continue for 5 mins.

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