Muscle pain after lockdown? Discover how to get back in shape this summer!

The last couple of months were quite challenging ones!

Many of us where in lockdown for a long period of time.

Although not everyone experienced this period as a negative one, maybe you found it stressful and uncomfortable, as your daily routine was turned upside down.

If you have benefitted from this change of rhythm, than this is excellent news.

But for those who are still struggling in getting back to a healthy and stable pace, the following information could be very helpful.

This particular period was challenging in to keep the body in shape.

You probably didn’t leave your home as often as usual and you have spent much more time at your computer and smartphone, with obviously less movement and exercise.

Your neck and shoulder muscles have become stiff and rigid, which results in headaches, numbness or pains.

And now after lockdown, maybe you are forcing yourself to intensify your sports activity, perhaps to lose those extra pounds you gained!

And now your shoulder, back and leg muscles are becoming sore and tight from this sudden increase in exercise.

What can you do now?

Two excellent massage treatments exist to decrease muscles aches due to lack of movement or over-activity: Sports massage and Deep-Tissue massage.

A wide range of specific techniques are applied on the different muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, back and legs.

blue tree massage back deep tissue massage for woman gattieres

The muscles gain flexibility, blood and oxygen flow are stimulated and muscle knots and aches disappear.

So why don’t call on a professional to help you get your shape back as quickly and as well as possible?

blue tree massage neck deep tissue vence

And why not apply some very efficient and easy self-massage and stretching exercises to relieve your muscle tension and pain.

Do click on the next 2 links.

“Stretching and self-massage tips on how to reduce neck and shoulder pain.”

“Self-massage techniques to eliminate muscle pain. All you need is a tennis ball!”

You will be amazed how these techniques will bring you relief and how quickly your body will be back in shape this summer.

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