Sports massage

As it’s name suggests, the Sports massage is recommended as part of a sports program for many professional athletes or those who train several times week. Practiced before or after a workout, this massage helps to warm up the body and prevent or reduce cramping or injury.

It can help to improve performance and recovery time. It keeps the body in better condition; it increases mobility and boosts its performance; It reduces muscle tension. It also calms the mind for better concentration during the sport exercise.

sport massage at home vallauris, cannes

Sports massage is a combination of several massage techniques that will be applied to the muscles or areas affected by your sport. After a massage you feel lighter, more flexible and more powerful. A good reason to have a sports massage is to help your muscles, tendons and joints stay in good shape.

While most athletes prefer a massage after sport, for better recovery by relaxing muscles and eliminating accumulated toxins, massage before sport activity also has it’s benefits. Before sport massage will warm up the muscles, stimulates and prepares your body for the stress sport can induce and thus improve performance.

Francois L. (Villefranche) provided this testimony: “7 months ago I’ve started an intensive training for the Nice marathon. My legs felt so tight and painful. It was impossible to continue like this. So I’ve decided to have after each run a sports massage. Immediately I felt the benefits. My legs are more flexible, less painful and the recovery is so much quicker. Thank you Blue Tree Massage for your support! “