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Originally practiced in India, where it had been imported to China more than 2 000 years ago, this technique finally arrived in Japan under the name of Te-ate. It was only at the beginning of the last century that the Japanese Namikoshi named it Shiatsu. Even if the Shiatsu, which is based on Chinese medicine, is renowned in Japan as a medicine in its own right, Blue Tree practices this to enhance wellbeing, but without therapeutic intention.

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Shiatsu, which literally signifies « finger pressure », is a technique based on the circulation of the energy which passes throughout the body from the established meridians. By using the thumbs and the palms, this is to facilitate the passage of the energy of the meridians, which sometimes become blocked or cluttered, from bad habits linked to busy lifestyles (stress, tension, unhealthy diet, insomnia…).
This massage aims to enhance energy flow and to rebalance the body.

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It is generally practiced on a futon which is on the ground. The client remains clothed.

It particularly helps:

  • energy flow
  • better balance
  • reduction in stress
  • stimulation of the immune system
  • physical and psychological release