Korean relaxation

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This is an ancestral technique that has been used and practiced for many centuries. Totally integrated into the Korean way of life, it is often practiced in the family circle.
It is characterised by the delivery of soft vibrations given to the body, which are alternated with stretching movements. These soft vibrations, which spread natural waves throughout the body, provide a complete loosening of all the muscles.

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Following this phase of stimulation, the masseur stops the vibrations to give the brain time to integrate them, in order to completely benefit from their effects of wellbeing. The Korean relaxation does not use pressure, nor massage on the body, just simple vibrations that are applied zone by zone over the body.

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It is practiced lying on the back on a futon. The client remains fully dressed.

It particularly helps:

  • tensions release, especially for the back
  • deep relaxation
  • stress release