californian massage at home mougins, cannes

This technique originates from San Francisco, where it first appeared in the 70’s. Favored by Margaret Elke, who was instrumental in its distribution within the United States, and then throughout Europe and France in the 80‘s.
Delivered with long and enveloping movements, inspired from the waves from the sea, this technique is ideal for complete relaxation. With its combination of fluid and energetic movements (although not deep), it perfectly fulfills an interior wellbeing.

couple massage at home vallauris, valbonne

This technique is practiced on a massage table with oil. The intimacy of the client (who is in underwear) is preserved with the aid of towels that are placed on the body.

It particularly helps:

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • improved circulation
  • muscular relief
  • tension and stress release
  • enhance sleep