Deep Tissue

deep tissue massage vallauris, cannes

The aim of the technique is the intense work on the muscles, tendons and soft connective tissue.
By using slow and precise movements concentrated on specific zones, such as muscle and soft tissue, knots can be releaved.
Widely used by sportsmen and people who practice a difficult or challenging physical professional activity, this technique produces a suppleness and tone while permitting a three-dimensional work on the muscles.

leg massage cannes, vallauris, antibes

One of the features of this massage is for the masseur to work with precise and intense pressure on chosen places by using thumbs, elbows and fore-arms. Before the massage, a discussion takes place with the client.
This technique is performed on a massage table with minimal oil, so as to have a better hold on particular areas.
The intimacy of the client (who is in underwear) is preserved with the aid of towels that are placed on the body.