Sitting Amma

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As ancient as more than 1 300 years, the Sitting Amma, which signifies « calming through touch » (derives from the word Amma in Japanese), is a technique that is very similar to Shiatsu, but borrows Swedish techniques.
It is characterised by the stimulation of the acupuncture meridians and the deep massage of the muscles. The masseur works on the back, the neck, the head, the arms and the hands in order to activate the circulation of the energy throughout the body.

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Regularly conducted in the work place, this technique has the advantage of giving wellbeing in a short time. Lasting only for about 15 minutes, it is easily accessible for a maximum number of people in a minimum amount of time.
This massage works well for events such as salons and seminars, private evenings at homes, additional services at a restaurant, or on a cruise ship for example.

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It is practiced on an ergonomical chair, while the client remains fully dressed.

It particularly helps:

  • stress removal
  • deep relaxation
  • immediate wellness benefits