Lymphatic drainage (Brazilian or Vodder)

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A large number of women experience, at some point, heavy and tired leg symptoms, often known as tired legs, characterized by a feeling of heaviness, pins and needles or swollen ankles at the end of the day. These symptoms come from poor lymphatic and blood circulation and in order to relieve this condition drainage is to require to improve circulation and restore the legs to balance.

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We have created our personal anti tired legs massage especially for women to regain the feeling of lightness in their legs and recover a greater sense of well-being.

Our anti tired legs massage promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation by using different techniques of lymphatic drainage (you can choose the Brazilian method like Renata Franca or the traditional Vodder method) like ascending manoeuvres all over the lower body parts, from the toes to the waist. The lymphatic drainage that we practice also helps with reducing the appearance of small veins on the skin.

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For this massage, we recommend a weekly or bi weekly treatment, we use different oils that are designed especially to increase lymphatic drainage.