Sports and Deep Tissue massage for fitness and muscle workout.

Did you know that regular massage can increase your workout performance and reduce muscle aches and injury?

If you are training regularly, you may experience sometimes discomfort during your exercise routine.

Most of the time this is without harm, but it can become over a longer period a more serious problem.

Often muscle injury doesn’t arrive spontaneously.

Small aches and pains should alarm you when each day you push your limits a bit further.

But at one point your body will say stop!

Injuries do occur more quickly when signals are ignored!

Even light muscles aches can be extremely uncomfortable and prevent you from enjoying your workout.

A Sports and Deep tissue Massage is the perfect way to prepare and protect your body.

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A large choice of massage techniques will be applied on the back, shoulders, neck, legs and arms.

While specific techniques will increase the blood circulation, others will drain the toxins out of the muscle tissue.

The deeper massage techniques will concentrate on muscle knots and sore areas and others work on stretching and increasing flexibility.

A sports and deep Tissue massage is not only an efficient way to prevent you from injury, it also helps to increase your performance and endurance.

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Many top athletes get regular massage treatments, as it is proven that they achieve better results.

Massage also relaxes the mind. So when you feel better, the better your workout will be!

So you will have faster results with less fatigue and pain.

Blue Tree massage is specialised in Sports and Deep Tissue massage.

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Many clients book these massage treatments before or after their workout program.

Blue Tree Massage treats also several professional athletes on a regular bases.

Call Blue Tree Massage for more details and find out how we can accompany you with your muscle and fitness sports activity. You will be quickly convinced!

Blue Tree Massage operates on the French Riviera, mainly in the Alpes Maritimes, in the principal towns along the coast (Cannes, Antibes, Cagnes Sur Mer, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Villefranche, Monaco, Menton…) as well as further inland (Mougins, Grasse, Valbonne, Biot, Roquefort les pins, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Vence…).