Blue Tree came about from a shared passion of wellbeing, designed to bring you exceptional moments.

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Certified professional masseurs, we master the techniques of some of the widest worldwide choices of massages. We are affiliated to the FFMBE (French Federation of Wellbeing Massage)
Inseparable from our excellent know-how, our knowledge is dedicated in searching for our clients absolute wellbeing, through careful and attentive understanding, a deep empathy and complete discretion towards their needs.

The origin of Blue Tree

Partners both in life and in work, we created Blue Tree to share our passion of wellbeing massages, which has been continually enriched through extensive voyages all over the world, into the heart of different cultures that are bathed in the traditions of massage.
Blue Tree has its roots firmly planted in the Côte d’Azur, which its identity is taken from the blue, the color of the sky and the sea. Blue Tree also symbolises the image of the tree, a balanced posture with solid roots, peaceful and relaxing.