Getting in shape for the Nice Marathon with a sports massage from Blue Tree massage

Each year in November, Nice hosts the famous Nice marathon.

Thousands of runners come from all over the world to participate in this great running course.

The Nice marathon is considered among participants as one of the most beautiful runs on the planet, but also as one of the toughest.

The track follows the stunning Cote d’Azur beaches, combined with parts that lead through steep hills and inland mountains.

The variety of different and unique landscapes makes it a very special marathon, and therefore it has become one of the most successful sports events in the region.

Blue Tree Massage treats professional and amateur marathon athletes during their preparation for sports events like the Nice marathon.

sport massage at home for marathon
The sport massages are highly appreciated, as they add valuable support before, during, and after the training sessions.

This treatment is mainly focused on the legs and feet, as during the runs specific muscles become stiff, sensitive and painful.

By applying different massage techniques, oxygen enters more quickly into the blood stream, blood circulation improves and toxins drain, so muscles feel lighter and less tight.

sport massage marathon nice cannes

Muscle aches will disappear and the chance of injury will decrease.

Overall, with regular treatments, one recuperates faster afterwards after and is better prepared before each run.

And when the final day arrives, the marathon will be run with less effort, less pain and less discomfort.

Sports massages can also be used in combination with many other sports activities.

Professional and amateur hikers, golfers, cyclists, soccer and tennis players book regular treatments in their home or visit the Blue Tree Massage studio in St. Paul de Vence.

Re-booking rates are high, as many rave as to how efficient and beneficial a Blue Tree massage is in support of their sports activity.