6 Self-acupressure points to relieve back pain

Acupressure originated in China nearly three millenniums ago. It involves applying pressure to acupuncture points across the body to help ease pain and improve overall well-being.

In acupressure technique, pressure to these points helps to encourage the flow of a vital energy called Qi (pronounced chi) through pathways called meridians which connect the body’s vital organs.

Here are 6 important acupressure points to reduce back pains.

Choose a quiet environment and concentrate on applying the pressure on these points for about 1 to 2 minutes each.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you want.

Please note that if you are suffering from severe chronic back pain, do NOT apply pressure to any of the acupuncture points described. Instead, you should consult an expert or a doctor for their advice.

1 Stomach acupressure point:
“Photo credit: Acupressure.com

This acupressure point (CV6) is located 2 fingers below the belly button. Apply firm pressure with your index or middle finger.

2 Lower back acupressure points:

“Photo credit: Acupressure.com

These points are situated on both sides on the lower back, 2 finger widths (B23) and 4 finger widths (B47) from the spine at waist level, on each side of the spinal cord.

Place your hands on your waist and move your thumbs towards the spine to locate the points, then apply firm pressure.

3 Hip bone acupressure points:

“Photo credit: Acupressure.com

These points are situated on both sides on the hip bone, approximately two finger widths from the large bony area at the bottom of your spine (B48), and midway between the top of your hipbone and the base of your buttocks (GB30).

Apply gentle pressure with your 2 thumbs on these 2 pressure points on each side.

4 Knee acupressure points:

“Photo credit: Acupressure.com

2 knee points are located at the centre of the backspace of the knee (B54), and 2 are slightly towards the outside (B53).

Sit down with your legs straight or stand up and place your hands on the side of your knee.

With your index or middle fingers locate the points in the hollow of the knee and press firmly.

5 Hand acupressure points:

The acupressure hand points (4GI) can reduce back pain, but only when you are lying down.

This point is located 2 finger widths from the joint of the thumb and index finger.

With your other hand squeeze the point between the thumb and index finger as shown in the picture.

Apply firm pressure on this point for a few seconds and then release.

Repeat this 4 to 5 times. Then switch to the other hand.


6 Foot acupressure points:

Lie down and bend your right knee. Reach out for your foot with your right hand.

This point is located between your big toe and second toe (Liv3), 2 fingers widths above from where they join.

Apply medium to strong pressure with your thumb or index finger, as this point can be slightly tender.

Repeat on the other foot.

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