Company-based chair massages in Sophia Antipolis by Blue Tree Massage

Chair massages or Amma-sitting massages are extremely powerful and relaxing massages that can be performed in any place, for any number of people and in a limited time frame.

They are often performed in airports or for parties and businesses.

Many companies in Sophia Antipolis suggest chair massage sessions for their staff.

They understand the importance of taking care of their employees, as chair massage increases their wellbeing and work efficiency.

The duration of each massage session is between 10 and 20 minutes and can be easily performed within the company’s building.

So no need for staff to leave the premises or waste time in transportation.

As people do not undress, several people can be massaged in the same space and at the same time.

So larger groups can be treated in a reasonably short time frame.

And for the employee, it is easy to squeeze a 15 minute treatment into their daily schedule.

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During the sitting massage, the therapist focuses on the back, neck and head. Sometimes arms and hands can be included.

Within minutes, the person falls into a deep state of relaxation, as muscles are massaged lightly and acupressure points are triggered.

Blood circulation intensifies and the heart beat slows down. The mind stops thinking and stress levels drop, while after the treatment, energy and alertness increases.

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More and more companies offer regular chair massage for its staff, as it has been proven that this massage technique enhance the wellbeing of employees.

And when they feel better and are less stressed, work efficiency increases.

Blue Tree Massage specialises in chair massage.

Many companies in Sophia Antipolis have chosen Blue Tree Massage for their impeccable and professional service.

Contact Blue Tree Massage by mail or telephone for more detailed information about how to integrate chair massage at YOUR company.