Effective massage techniques to improve blood circulation in Valbonne

Did you know that certain massage techniques improve blood circulation, or that massaging specific areas of the body is particularly suitable for boosting your blood circulation?

Leg and foot massage:

The feet and legs are often prone to blood circulation problems.

The massage will then promote venous return and blood circulation in general.

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Different maneuvers such as kneading or friction will help restart blood circulation.

Swedish massage all over the body:

Swedish massage is a massage technique that releases muscle tension by applying more or less pressure to muscles and bones.

By massaging the tissues of the body following the direction of blood flow to the heart, this massage will allow blood to return more quickly to the heart and therefore to promote better circulation.

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In addition to improving blood circulation, Swedish massage has other advantages: it also allows easier elimination of metabolic waste and a consequent reduction in muscle recovery time, the muscles being rid of the uric and lactic acid pain that are responsible for cramps, for example.

Deep tissue massage:

This massage technique is used to release tight muscles and muscle knots in very localized areas.

Concentrating the technique on specific points or locations will improve blood circulation by restoring the flow of essential oxygen where it was lacking.

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Deep tissue massage also helps rid the muscles of toxins and other unwanted wastes, which may have a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Blue Tree Massage can help you with these different techniques to improve your blood circulation in Valbonne, Biot, Sophia Antipolis.

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