De-stress, in Cannes, in just 10 minutes!

Yes it’s possible ! All it takes is 10 minutes.

You may be a little skeptical at first, but you will quickly be convinced because these acupressure techniques are very effective.

Based on Chinese medicine, acupressure points are located on the body’s meridians.

By regularly exerting pressure on these specific points, you will find balance, tranquility, energy and well-being.

Wherever you are and when you can, just tap on each point and you’ll instantly feel better.

By applying acupressure regularly, it becomes more effective and your body responds more quickly.

Make sure you are in a calm and nuisance-free environment.

Switch off your phone. Sit up straight in a chair or in a lotus position on the floor.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly.

Apply light to medium pressure on each point for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Repeat several times a day if you feel like it.

1-Point of the solar plexus

With your right hand, place your index, middle, and ring fingers in the pit of your stomach between your ribs, just below your breastbone.
Create pressure and make small circles clockwise.

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2 Center point of the chest

Draw an imaginary line between your nipples and the breastbone.
The point is right in the middle of the breastbone.
Squeeze and make small circular motions.

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3-Point of the 3rd eye

This point is located directly between your eyebrows, where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.
Place your right middle finger between your eyebrows and press.

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4-Union valley point

You find this point in the area between your thumb and forefinger, just where the bones meet.
You’ve found the right place if it hurts a little.
With the thumb of the other hand, make small circular motions and press.
Repeat on the other side.

shiatsu massage valbonne, opio, grasse

5-Point of the internal border

You can find this point on the inside of your arm, about three finger widths below your wrist, in the hollow between the tendons.
With the thumb of the other hand, press down firmly.
Repeat on the other arm.

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6-The great point of healing

This point is on your foot, about three finger widths below the intersection of your big toe and second toe, in the hollow just above the bone.
You’re on the right spot when it matters.
Press gently. Repeat on the other foot.

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