Relax with breathing in Biot

Controlled breathing plays an important role in relaxation.

It is an important technique, especially in yoga.

Alternating breathing between the 2 nostrils will be a very effective exercise to relax.

Seclude yourself in a comfortable and quiet place, turn off your phone, and begin this routine by getting comfortable in a seated position with your back and head straight.

Start a cycle of breathing alternate nostril after nostril, an inhale, a hold, an exhale, an inhale again, a hold, an exhale and so on.

Left hand on the knee, place the right hand in front of the nose, then put the thumb on the right nostril to stop it. The left nostril is not blocked.

Inhale through the left nostril, then cover it with the ring finger. Hold the breath for a second.

Slowly exhale through the right nostril after lifting your thumb to let air through.

With your left nostril still blocked, breathe in through the right nostril, then cover it with your thumb and hold your breath for a second.

Open your left nostril and slowly breathe out through the left nostril.

Inhale again through the left nostril, block and exhale through the right nostril, and so on.

You can do this cycle 5 to 10 times or even more, to achieve deep relaxation.

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