Create your massage bubble at home

More and more people choose to receive a massage treatment in the comfort of their home or hotel. Nothing is more easy and practical than getting a massage without leaving your environment, taking the car, being stuck in traffic and stressing to arrive on time.

A home massage allows you more time before the treatment to unwind and after to extend the profound state of wellbeing without rushing back in the cold.

The next few tips can be very helpful to prepare the perfect home massage experience.

1 Choose the right room

It is important to decide before reserving a first home massage where the treatment shall take place. You decide, so image where you would feel the most comfortable.

When having the massage in your house, choose the most organised and quite room. Preferably the furthest away from the living room if other people are around.

If the massage takes place in a hotel or bed room, make sure there is enough space to move around the massage table. The ideal space should be not smaller than 4 by 3 meters.

The room should be heated preferably around 24 degrees in order to stay warm as the body temperature will drop. If necessary a heating matrass or blanket can be used.

If the living room is the only option, make sure that no one will disturb.


2 Allow enough time  

Make sure that when booking a 60 minute massage you need at least 2 hours in total. For example when booking a massage right after work, allow yourself some time to get in a comfortable state of mind and to take a quick shower.

At least 15 minutes are needed for setup of the equipment. Take some time to discuss the treatment you will choose, if certain problems need to be treated and to ask further questions.

After the session it is best not to hurry in order to allow yourself to come back to a quiet state of mind. Allow also time to evaluate your massage experience.

Another 15 minutes are needed to take down the equipment.


3 Create your personal ambiance. 

If you are looking for a relaxing experience, a professional massage therapist can create the perfect ambiance in your room.

By using soft towels, dimmed lights, incense and music a cosy spa ambiance can be created.


At Blue tree massage we even offer herbal tea after the treatment in order to prolong wellbeing.

You can also use your own creativity by lighting some candles or decorating the room with flowers and zen objects.