How to give yourself or your partner a scalp and face massage.

The scalp and face are especially well suited to self-massage.

We instinctively stroke our foreheads when we have a headache and massage our temples when concentrating.

The head and scalp contains a huge number of nerve receptors and, therefore a massage will have profound effects through the entire body.

A few minutes a day will bring surprising benefits so start today by applying these easy massage techniques on yourself or your partner.

Choose a quite area, sit in an upright position, close your eyes and switch off your cell phone (Don’t worry it’s only a few minutes!).

Each exercise should last around one minute.

1– Place both hands on your hair and slowly start rubbing the scalp with all 10 fingers. Make small circular movements and increase slowly pressure by not just massaging your hair but the skin underneath. Cover the entire scalp.

2– With both hands press with your 10 fingers into the skin of your scalp. Change position of your hands in order to cover the entire scalp. Alternate between deep and light pressure.

3– Place both thumbs on the base of the skull, by the hairline. Hands facing up. There is a little ditch. Press firmly and follow the line from both ears to the centre of the neck. There are many nerves and acupressure points in this area so some can be sensitive especially when having headaches. If so apply more pressure and stay longer on these points.

4– Place your 8 fingers in the centre on your forehead and slide them slowly but firmly in a straight line towards your temples.

5– Massage your temples by making slow circular movements with your fingertips. Cover the entire area from above the ears to right under your eyes.

6– Place both index fingers between your nose and eyebrows. Make small circular movements with light to medium pressure.

7– Place your ears between your index and middle finger (your fingers in a ‘V’ position). Rub slowly up and down in front and behind the ears simultaneously.

8– Pinch both earlobes between your thumb and index finger. Press gently and make small circular movements. Then continue pinching the entire external ear area as there are many acupressure points located.

You can also watch on this video our routine.