Back stretching for beginners

Learn in this article 6 very easy but efficient stretch and core muscle techniques to relief your back pain.

1 Backward stretch on your knees

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Get down on your knees on a mat then either place your hands flat on a higher level, (such as a chair or table), or hold onto it.

Stretch your bottom towards the ground and keep your back straight and your neck in the alignment with the spine (do not lift up or lower your head).

Always keep your back straight!

Lengthen your spine when inhaling, then move towards the floor while exhaling.

Repeat 10 times.

2 Stand-up side stretch

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Stand up straight while holding a walking stick or pole in both hands above your head.

Holding the stick overhead, gently pull with your right hand, downwards to your right side, while keeping your hands up over your head (like making an arch).

You should feel a stretch along the left side of the back.

Inhale while trying to make yourself taller, and exhale while pulling down to the right.

Repeat the 10 inhale/exhale movements.

Repeat on the other side.

3 Stretching and rotating while standing up

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Stand up straight and hold the stick in both hands, resting the stick on the shoulders behind the neck.

Turn your upper body to the right with the stick. The head needs to follow the movement and must follow the direction of the stick.

Inhale while making yourself taller and exhale while increasing the torsion.

Repeat the 10 inhale/exhale movements.

Do the same exercise on the other side.

4 Stretching upwards while lying down

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Lie down on your stomach.

Lift up your torso while supporting the weight on your hands with your arms straight.

The legs stay flat on the floor. The abdominal muscles are tight and the back must stay straight.

Extend the torso and head upwards in order to stretch the back.

Inhale while making yourself taller and exhale while intensifying the stretch.

Make 10 inhale/exhale movements.

5. Stretching on all fours

Get onto all fours on the mat. Squeeze your abdomen.

While inhaling, dip your back and pull your torso and head upwards.

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While exhaling, drop your head down towards your chest, tuck in the tail bone and arch your back.

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Repeat the 2 movements 10 times.

6 The Plank

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Lie flat on the mat on your stomach. Bend your forearms at the elbow, toes on the floor with the heels lifted, so that the torso and legs are parallel to the ground.

Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.

Your head is relaxed and you should be looking facedown at the floor.

Hold this position for 10 seconds to start with.

Over time, work up to a 30, 45 or 60 second hold.

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