3 acupressure points to fight jet lag.

Here are 3 easy acupressure points which can bring instant relief and can be easily performed during or after your flight.

Locate the pressure point, and use a gentle massaging pressure to reduce jetlag and arrive at your destination refreshed and energized.

You can repeat these acupressure points several times during the flight and the following days.


This pressure point, Yin Tang, is located on the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows.

Locate this point and gently press or massage this point for one minute.

massage anti jet lag cannes


Locate the midline of the base of your skull with your index fingers. This should feel like a slight depression or hollow.

Move your fingers about one inch either side of this location along the base of the skull. Press for about 1 minute.

massage anti jetlag mougins


Hold your hand palm side up. The point is on the centre line of your forearm, two thumb widths up from the wrist crease.

Massage with gentle to moderate pressure using your thumb for 1 minute.

massage anti jet lag 3


General tips to overcome jet jag quicker.

-Start telling yourself the time at your destination and not where you’re leaving from. So you will start to mentally switch to the new time zone.
-Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine during the flight and upon 8 hours after arrival
-Don’t eat heavy meals right before, during and after the flight.
-Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before and during the entire flight as well as the day of arrival.

-When arriving in the evening, stay awake and go to bed as close to your normal bed time.
-When arriving during the day go outside in daylight as long as possible.
-When having a nap do not exceed 20 minutes and no naps after 5pm.

– Do some stretching movements during the flight and some light sport activity upon arrival (yoga, swimming, running etc.) in order to get some body movement after sitting for many hours.

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