Fight your fatigue with your bare hands!

The best tips against fatigue are only effective if they are simple, quick and can be done anywhere and without equipment.

Of course there are many ways to fight fatigue but often it takes time (long series of exercises) and/or things to buy (special infusions, medication) and/or a quiet space.

But we cannot have these conditions all the time.

Therefore, to be really practical and efficient, we suggest that you use only your hands, and these exercises can be done anywhere in no time.

These exercises allow you to relax the tired area (e.g. the eyes) and give you a boost over the whole body, using only your hands.

1 Cover your eyes

massage at home cannes vallaurisRub your palms together to warm them and then cover your open eyes with your palms without letting the light through.

Stay like this for at least 1 minute while breathing gently.

This exercise will bring energy to your eyes, while relaxing them and leaving them in the dark for a while.

2 Look into the distance

massage at home le rouretGive your eyes a screen break: approximately every 20 minutes spent in front of a screen, look at an object about 6 meters (20 feet) away from you for 20 seconds.

It’s the 20/20/20 rule of anti-fatigue for your eyes!

3 Stimulate your VG 26 point

massage at home valbonne antibesPut your index finger under the base of your nose, in the hollow above your upper lip and press this point for several seconds and several times (at least 5 times in a row).

This acupressure will energize you all over and help you to make certain symptoms of fatigue and anxiety disappear.

4 Rub your hands together

massage at home monacoRub your hands together (palms, top of the hand, fingers) for at least 1 minute to warm them up, then massage the fingers with a rubbing action, and finish by stretching each finger.

This will activate the flow of energy.

5 Pinch yourself!

massage at home grasseIn the event of a sudden bout of fatigue, pinch the point of acupressure 9C located at the end of your little finger, at the base of the nail.

You can pinch with your index finger and thumb with the other hand or squeeze this point between your teeth. Do this each hand.

Be careful, it hurts. It was the finger of the mortician, who used it to check if the person had indeed died!

And now, it’s up to you! Give a hard slap to your tiredness!

Find more information and tips on fatigue in our article “Fighting fatigue in these difficult times”.

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