Fight fatigue during this difficult time.

This year we are seeing a significant wave of fatigue in most people.

Indeed, the COVID 19 pandemic, the stress of catching the disease, the stress of losing one’s job or activity, the unknown about the future are all inducing unprecedented physical and mental fatigue.

For those who work from home, there is a greater workload in an environment that is inadequate in terms of ergonomics and concentration (e.g. children at home, limited space, etc.).

Added to this is the feeling of being isolated from everything and no longer being a part of one’s company.

For those who have video meetings, we’re seeing a new syndrome: the “zoom fatigue” syndrome!

The “zoom fatigue” is an exhaustion linked to the increased frequency of videoconferences (hence its name, borrowed from the leader of videoconferencing).

The most common symptoms are beyond generalized fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, headaches and back pain, …

For those who have to travel to work, the time spent on public transportation, the anxiety of contracting the disease when meeting others, the longer days are all equally grueling working conditions.

Finally, for those who have had COVID 19, fatigue persists even after full recovery, regardless of the severity of the infection.

Fortunately there are several simple solutions to fight against these physical, psychological and emotional fatigues:

As an example, you can:

– Maintain or develop a food regime that allows you, through a balanced and healthy diet, to strengthen and stimulate your immune system.

– Do sports, if possible, to have a good physical workout or at least do some walking.

– Take regular breaks when you work at home (get up, breathe, take a few steps, and refresh yourself, …).

– Reduce screen time (replace this time by reading a book or doing nothing).

– Try to limit access to continuous information as much as possible: news channels and social networks often generate anxiety through their repetition of alarmist messages, often contradictory and not necessarily based on reality.

– Relax or meditate and try to develop positive thoughts.

– Get a massage or do self-massage.

massage at home saint jeannet

– Try to maintain or develop a good sleep routine (getting enough sleep).

– In short, take care of yourself and listen to yourself (your body, your mind, your emotions).

We also suggest that you try some simple exercises that you can do anywhere and without spending too much time on it, and only using your hands.

You can find these exercises in the following article “Fight your fatigue with your bare hands”.

So start the new year on a good footing, with good energy, and say goodbye to worries and fatigue!

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