Start the New Year with a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage package from Blue Tree Massage

Are you feeling worn out from the Holiday season, with its huge doses of stress and fatigue coming with it?

Or did you make a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape with a sports activity?

Well what isn’t better than to treat yourself in winter with a massage package, to accompany you in getting back in tip top condition!

1 Regular massages are the perfect aid to keep you full with energy and help you fight colds and fatigue, as lymphatic waste is drained and blood circulation is increased.

2 Starting with any sport activity can be painful, but regular massages will prevent you from muscle aches, stiffness and even injury, as certain muscle groups can be treated specifically.

3 Massage is also a great way to destress yourself, find inner peace and get rid of minor back and neck muscle aches due to the use of sitting behind a desk or working behind computers for longer periods.

A massage package is a great way to start the year by pampering your body and mind with regular massage treatments.

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Blue Tree Massage offers great package deals this New Year!

There is no time limit so no stress in using them before a certain date.

The sessions can also be offered to friends and family or as gift vouchers. And most important, it’s a money saver! One can save up to 30%!

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So why not contact us and get all information, in order to create the massage that fits all your needs.

Whether it is pure relaxation or muscle focused, we at blue Tree massage will create the made-to- measure massage package that will accompany you through winter.