Offer the most exclusive Christmas gift, a Blue Tree Massage gift voucher!

Holiday season is approaching!

Are you starting to stress about the shopping marathon lying ahead?

If your loved ones have no particular wishes and you have a hard time finding the perfect gift, you may have found a wonderful idea that will be highly appreciated… a massage gift voucher!

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Who doesn’t like massages?

Studies in the US have shown that 92% of the people love to receive massage treatments!

Why..? Because the benefits are multiple, as stress and pains disappear and general well-being increases.

It is proven that certain relaxing massages like Californian and Swedish massage are very effective in reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia.

While other techniques, such as deep tissue and sports massage, go deeper into the muscle tissue to treat muscle pains, aches and stiffness.

By offering an exclusive massage gift voucher, it’s a great way to show them that you care about their well-being!

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Your loved ones may not put it on their wish list, but they will be happily surprised receiving one under the Christmas tree!

At Blue Tree Massage, many people purchase massage gift vouchers.

Some have been buying for several years, as they have personally witnessed how thankful their loves ones are by receiving a prepaid massage.

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This special gift will be a treasured souvenir for a long time!

Blue Tree massage offers great flexible package deals, which can be partly or completely exchanged for gift vouchers and personal use.

Our packages are very successful as prices drop considerably.

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If you are interested in knowing more, do call or email us, so we can inform you in detail about all the Blue Tree massage gift voucher and package options we propose.