Self massage and acupressure to relieve headaches and migraines and other tips.

Self-massage of the skull and acupressure on certain meridian points are simple and effective solutions to fight against headaches and migraines.

Here are some techniques that you can do anywhere as soon as you start to have symptoms.

This will help you get relief as quickly as possible before your condition gets worse.

Here are 6 simple massage techniques to relieve your headache or migraine.

You can massage each area or points for at least 1 minute.

1-massage of the skull and scalp:

Using both palms and fingers, gently massage your scalp in circular motions.

Work over the entire scalp, from the top of the head to the neck.massage cannes

Do this back and forth several times.

You should do this at least two times at a minimum, but you can massage for longer if you wish.

2-massage of the back of the head:

Place your fingers at the base of the skull and make small circular movements all along the base of your skull between your two ears.

massage saint paul de vence

Also perform acupressure on the two hollows at the base of the skull by pressing firmly on them with two fingers.

massage antibes

3-massage under the eyebrows:

Right on the bone below the eyebrows, make small circular movements with your thumbs down the length of the bone.

Go back and forth several times.massage valbonne

Then use acupressure on each point of the bone, and press for a few moments with your thumbs, as well as on the point between your eyebrows.

massage le rouret

4-massage under the eyes:

Right on the bone below the eyes, make small circular movements with your fingers, along the length of the bone.massage gattiere

Go back and forth several times.

5-temple massage:

Place your fingers on your temples and make firm small circular movements.

massage mougins

Using acupressure, press on the point located on each side of the outer eyebrow at temple height for a few moments.

massage vence

6-hand massage:

And finally, do acupressure on each hand with the thumb of the other hand, on the point between the thumb and forefinger (the small bulge made when you squeeze the thumb and forefinger together).

massage monaco

Hold the pressure for a few moments.

You can either press it, or also make a few circular motions while pressing. Do not do this point if you are pregnant.

In addition, you can also adopt these simple measures:

– Drink water: Dehydration can cause headaches. So always remember to drink enough water throughout the day and especially during times of pain
– Put essential oil of peppermint or lavender on your temples and neck, and massage them gently with it.
– Put a cloth of cold water on your forehead and rest with your eyes closed, if possible in the dark and calm.
– Stop looking at the screen (smartphone, computer, TV, etc.) during your headache in order to rest your eyes.

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