Fight headaches and migraines naturally with head massage and acupressure.

More and more people suffer from a range of headaches and migraines.

Our lifestyle linked to stress or, for example the prolonged use of screens (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) can be one of the many causes of these headaches.

Overwork (especially during this back-to-school period), or insomnia can also be causes of migraines.

The tension caused in the muscles of the neck, scalp or jaw often results in triggering these problems.

Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, these phenomena can be really bothersome in our daily life.

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Also, why not try to reduce them in a natural way with head massage and some acupressure points?

And you can do this with the help of a wellness massage professional or by yourself.

You will be able to discover below, and in the associated article, the virtues of head massage and acupressure, as well as some simple tips and a few do-it-yourself points to effectively reduce your headaches and migraines.

The virtues of head massage:

Whether Chinese (Yang Ju), Japanese (Shiatsu), or Indian (Ayurvedic), head massage has many virtues.

It helps to fight against headaches, against stress, against fatigue, against insomnia, against tensions in the neck and upper back.

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It optimizes blood and lymphatic circulation, and provides more oxygen to the tissues.

It also allows you to let go of mental activity and unblock the energies of the body.

How does it get done?

Different massage maneuvers are applied to the entire scalp, the back of the neck and the face.

Specific acupressure points are solicited to rebalance Qi energies.skull massage vence, valbonne

The rhythm of the massage is slow with sustained pressure.

A massage by a professional can last an hour, but you can treat yourself with a few techniques that you can do in a few minutes.

To help yourself, go to the article “Self massage and acupressure for headaches and migraines and other tips.”

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