Ready to let go in Villeneuve Loubet! Blue Tree Massage is!

We invite you to discover some simple exercises that you can do at home or at the office to be able to let go quickly and face certain stressful situations.

Also, find out how Korean relaxation or massage can help you let go as part of a more in-depth process.

You still want to be in control, you are angry, you have a hard time not brooding.

With a few simple exercises, you can simply let go for a moment and regain your calm and serenity.

These quick, do-it-yourself techniques can complement a deeper treatment with professional help, including taking Korean relaxation sessions.

1 Contraction of the muscles:

Sit in a quiet place then take a deep breath while closing your eyes, then block your breath.

Contract all the muscles in your body, as strongly as you can, without concentrating on anything else.

Release while exhaling as deeply as possible and shaking your arms and legs, much like athletes do before a race.

To repeat at least 3 times in a row.

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2 Facial massage:

Easy to perform, facial massage allows you to relax while sitting at your desk.

Using the pads of your fingers, make small circles starting at the top of the nose, going above the eyebrows, then continue all around the face, working your way down to the jaws.

The circles should always be made in the same direction, going from the inside to the outside of the face.

Then smooth your eyelids, always from your fingertips to the temples.

Repeat under the eyes, stretching the skin to the scalp, then under the lips to the angle of the jaw.

Tilt your head back and slide your thumbs under the chin up to the ears.

Finish by massaging the scalp for a long time, your head resting between your hands.

To repeat at least 2 times.

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3 breathing on the stairs:

Direction a staircase.

There’s nothing like a little physical activity to relieve tension, especially if you take the opportunity to match your breathing to your movements.

The ideal? Do this exercise on three floors if you can.

During the descent, inhale on the first step, then exhale on the next three.

Long exhales combined with a short inhalation help to regain calm.

During the ascent, because you have to be ready at the office, you will adopt an energizing breathing.

To do this, inhale on three steps and exhale on the fourth.

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