14 Reasons why massage can improve your health

Massages are much more than just relaxing. Our natural instincts turn them often into moments of need.

For this reason each year people book more and more massage sessions, which has led to the rapidly growing field of massage therapy.

There are numerous health benefits associated with a massage.

Fortunately, massages come in a variety of lengths and styles, which means that everyone can find the treatment fitted to their needs.

If you can identify yourself with one or more of the 14 health issues explained below, you should definitely consider booking one very soon!

1. Relieves Headaches
Whether you have a tension-type headache or suffer from migraines, regular head massages and certain acupressure therapies can help reduce or even eliminate this painful problem.

2. Soothes and Relaxes the Body
A Relaxing Californian or Swedish massage offers the right amount of pressure, to soothe and relieve your muscles. If your body is tight and stressed from a tense week at the office, these massage styles are a good way to relax.

3. Reduces drastically Anxiety
Millions of people have some form of anxiety, and this can become a major health problem. The good news is that massage can cut your body’s level of stress hormones in half, which will alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

4. Minimizes Back Pain
Back pain is one of the most common human complaints, but you do not need to live in pain. Studies have shown that massage reduces certain back pains up to 75%.

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5. Decreases Repetitive Movement Injuries
Many adults who have a desk job perform repetitive tasks that can injure their hands, wrists, arms, neck and back. A deep tissue massage focussed on specific muscles, tendons and fascias will help reduce pain in more than half the cases.

6. Promotes Flexibility
Most people are not nearly as flexible as they would like to be, and this often causes uncomfortable stiffness. Fortunately, a sports massage is tailored toward making it easier to increase your flexibility.

7. Re-energizes
Do you often feel drained by the end of your workday? Several massage techniques will relax you, but they are also known for making the receiver feel more energetic throughout the rest of the day.

8. Relieves Insomnia
One-third of adults are experiencing some kind of sleeping disorder. Sleep studies have shown a link between weekly massages and reduced insomnia. This is extremely important when you consider the many health issues are caused by a lack of sleep, including a weakened immune system and a greater risk of depression.

9. Combats Stress
Chronic stress increases the risk of contracting diseases. It can also promote a profound state of unhappiness. You can take advantage of the stress-busting benefits of massage therapy, as it will procure a moment of complete and profound relaxation.

10. Boosts Immune System
Everyone can benefit from a boosted immune system, especially people who typically deal with several minor illnesses every year. Therefore, getting a weekly or biweekly massage, especially during the winter months, is a great way to strengthen your immune system.

11. Become More Alert with a Chair Massage
Many businesses now offer chair massages to their employees, and this is a scientifically backed way to make people feel more alert. The mental boost you receive from a simple 15 minute chair massage will make daily tasks much easier and increases productivity.

12. Improves Face, Scalp and Hair Health
A simple face and scalp massage is very relaxing, but it will also boost the health of your scalp, hair and facial skin. Some studies have even found that specific facial massages reduces wrinkles and slows down skin aging.

13. Lowers Blood Pressure
If you have issues with high blood pressure, then scheduling regular massages is definitely a good idea. Individuals with a hectic lifestyle and high blood pressure can benefit from a weekly massage.

14. Increases Blood Circulation
Massages help your blood circulation, and this offers a long list of benefits. For example, if you have any health conditions that slow down your blood circulation, massage will provide healthier skin, better organ functionality and improved cell growth.