4 reasons to get a massage during the summer months.

For many of us summer vacation means activity and change! We spend many days doing all kinds of activities like hiking, swimming, working in the garden, travelling and partying.

We are up on our feet all day and increase our activities when temperatures rise.

Unfortunately, this extra energy and exercise can turn quickly into sore, aching muscles, exhaustion, stress and fatigue.

While there is never a wrong time for a massage, having one during summer is particularly helpful because of:

1 Increased Exercise

There are tons of opportunities to overwork your muscles during the summer.

So if you’ve recently begun to take part in your favourite warm weather activities, you’ve probably noticed that parts of your body are feeling pretty sore.

This is a normal side effect of a sudden increase in physical activity, and it’s also a great reason to get a massage.

Massage can help reduce aches and pains related to sore, strained, or pulled muscles.

Getting regular massages helps your muscles stay limber, reduces inflammation, and lessens the chance of injury.

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2 Me time

School is out, the kids are home, friends and family are visiting. It’s a busy and hectic period bonding with our loved ones.

Although it’s important to nurture these relationships, taking the extra step to take care of yourself is also important.

Booking a relaxing massage is a great way to have some valuable me time.

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3 Swelling of joints and limbs

Because of increased activity, heat and humidity, many people suffer from joint pain and inflammation during the summer.

Massage can help increase circulation and blood flow throughout your entire body.

Lymphatic massage is specifically designed to push fluids through the body, releasing the build-up of toxins and keeping circulation flowing to reduce inflammation and discomfort.

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4 Unregularly sleeping pattern

Summer comes often with a more hectic sleeping schedule. The heat and jetlag can interfere with a healthy routine of 8 hours of sleep a night.

We tend to eat unregularly, drink more alcohol or party a bit too much.

Going to bed and waking up late can create an unbalanced sleeping pattern.

If you feel exhausted during your vacation get a relaxing massage with acupressure.

This specific technique increases the body’s production of serotonin and melatonin which helps signal the body and brain to relax its rhythmic cycle and go to sleep.

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Getting a professional massage is one of the most rewarding things that you can do for yourself during the summer.

Taking time to yourself and getting all your body’s aches and strains sorted out is the best gift you can give yourself.