Back in shape after the holiday season

2017 is over and you probably have enjoyed the end of the year celebrations.

There is a good chance you have eaten and drunk too much, did not get enough sleep and exercise.

As a result your tonus and shape has decreased with digestion problems, subject to diseases (flu, bronchitis….).

Do not panic, a remedy exist by applying a few simple solutions.

Obviously returning to a balanced diet is strongly recommended, without specifically using any detox treatments. A healthy and varied diet is efficient to get back in shape quickly.


Going back to your favourite sport activity or walking 30 minutes a day will give you the opportunity to increase your tonus and eliminate accumulated toxins.

Postural stretching or yoga exercises can also give you the energy you lack.

Finally, some self-massage exercises on particular acupressure points of the meridians can bring you benefits in increasing your energy and your immune system.

In the following article, we propose two easy solutions for stretching and self-massage.

Tips to be fit as a fiddle after the end of the holiday season

So, it’s up to you! And remember, the simplest actions are often the ones that will allow you to have the best results.