Tips to be fit as a fiddle after the end of the holiday season

Too much eaten, too much drunk, not enough sleep and not enough exercise: This is often the way we feel during and after the holidays.

As a result: decreasing shape and tonus, difficult digestion, subject to diseases (flu, bronchitis…).

So, why not take control of yourself again and try these exercise and self-massage tips to get your shape and tonus back?

1- A postural exercise:
Lying on your back, legs joined on the floor, hands flat.
Inhale, lifting up your legs, tiptoes to the sky.
Exhale, lift your hips off the floor and drop your legs towards your head.
Inhale while holding your lower back with your hands.
Exhale while trying to touch the floor with your feet or if this is not possible by just trying to drop your legs a little further behind your head for about one to two minutes..
Gently return your legs to the starting posture (lying on your back, legs on the floor).

This exercise stretches the spine, relaxes the neck and shoulders and give a boost to the kidneys, liver and stomach.

2-Acupressure self-massage
This powerful acupuncture point is located at the web of the thumb and the index finger.

With your other thumb, put strong pressure on this point for 30 seconds. Then, while pressing, rotate your thumb on the bump for about 1 minute.

This acupressure point boosts the energy of all internal organs and stimulates the immune system.

In the following article, we propose other advice to be back in shape.

Back in shape after the holiday season