Massage to fight insomnia

We all have nights where we just cannot fall asleep. Lack of sleep can be caused by anxiety, stress, time change or pain.

We’re waiting, tossing and turning, exhausted but unable to sleep, while getting frustrated thinking about how miserable the next day will be.

When having lack of sleep persists, insomnia can affect certain brain functions. This procures even more discomfort during the day.

This vicious circle can become a main health problem if not treated.

Lots of medication exists to fight insomnia, but most of them are not without any risk. Side effects are numerous, with or without prescription.

They are not the best solution.

Many people try to find alternative ways to get precious sleep.

Massage can offer the solution and relief you are looking for without any side effects.

Many massage therapists do treat clients who have sleeping disorders.

They understand the problems and discomfort linked to insomnia. Together you discuss your precise sleeping problems so the treatment can be adjusted exactly to your needs.

Regular massage therapy can reduce very effectively stress and anxiety as it stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, which are important hormones that help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

When increasing a consistent and longer sleeping pattern, the body and mind will function with more energy, concentration and wellbeing.

But there are many other very beneficial reasons why a massage is important.

It reliefs headaches, lowers blood pressure and muscle pains.

So there are many reasons why a regular massage should become part of a healthier life pattern.

Like diets and sports programs, massage is more effective when received regularly.

So do not wait to act to find a baby sleep.