How to maintain good health in winter season in Cap d’Antibes

Here are some tips for staying active and feeling good—mentally, physically, and spiritually—during winter and beyond:

GET ENERGY FROM SEASONAL VEGETABLES AND FRUITS, AND DRINK A LOT OF LIQUIDS like water, and hot liquids like soups and teas.

Eating a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables will ensure you get all the essential vitamins and minerals you need, which is especially important in winter when our intake of sunlight and fresh air is less.

A lot of amazing fruits and vegetables can help you in this season to get energy, such as: kale, broccoli, apples, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

A healthy, nutrient dense diet is the best defense against sickness of any kind.


Hand washing can stop germs from spreading from one person to another and throughout an entire community.

It’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to avoid getting sick, especially in this time of COVID.

If you air your house out, not only do you let the virus and germs go out, but you also bring in fresh air and humidity.


It is important to exercise regularly, even if only for 15 minutes a day!

Get out and take a short walk and enjoy the cooler weather, or choose an indoor activity such as: yoga, meditation and/or pilates to strengthen your body and soul.

Regular exercise helps control your weight, boost your immune system, and is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is constantly cooped up inside the house.

EXPOSE YOURSELF TO SUNLIGHT at least once a day or whenever you have the chance, to get vitamin D.

Get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible.


There is nothing more restorative for the body than getting a good night sleep.

That means seven to eight hours a night.


massage cou antibes blue tree massage

Booking in for regular massages during the winter months will keep you in optimum health.

Not only will it help to protect you from common winter germs, but it will also improve your mental health – giving you an overall state of wellbeing.

Stay warm this winter, and look after your health with a regular massage as part of your healthcare and self-love routine.

Blue Tree Massage operates in our treatment room in Saint Paul de Vence, and at your home on the French Riviera, mainly in the Alpes Maritimes, in the principal towns along the coast (Cannes, Antibes, Cagnes Sur Mer, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Villefranche, Monaco, Menton…) as well as further inland (Mougins, Grasse, Valbonne, Biot, Roquefort les pins, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Vence…).