Fight tiredness and boost yourself with acupressure points in Antibes

Are you frequently tired?

This is not normal.

This can be the symptom of an infection, a nervous system disorder, a lack of vitamins, any number of other problems.

If you regularly experience fatigue, you should consult a doctor to find out the causes and to be able to treat them.

Of course, beyond the treatment of certain specific causes, a healthy lifestyle and a pace of activity adapted to your situation are necessary to regain sufficient energy.

You may need to have a balanced diet, to plan your activities, to know your physical strength and its limitation, to have a stress-free management of one’s environment and one’s relationships.

For traditional Chinese medicine, fatigue, depending on its nature, can be linked to different organs such as the heart-small intestine, stomach-spleen-pancreas or kidney-bladder groups.

If you consult an acupuncturist or a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine, he will determine the organs related to your specific fatigue and may in particular place acupuncture needles on particular points related to these organs.

Acupressure can also be an alternative to needles that you can do with a professional or self-massage.

selfmassage shiatsu antibes


We suggest you discover some points in the article “acupressure points to fight fatigue” which you can activate yourself, and which will help you fight your fatigue.

So do not hesitate to test them.

Once again, these points are only there to help you on a daily basis and should not replace a medical consultation and appropriate medical treatments.

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