Do it yourself anticellulite massage tips in Antibes!

These easy self-massage tips will help you to reduce cellulite.

For the best results these techniques need to be performed on a daily basis in addition to maintaining a healthy diet and a regular sport activity.

Some advice:
A. When you are doing the anti-cellulite massage, don’t be afraid of applying force – the massages of this type should be performed with firm, strong movements.
B. The general rule while performing anti-cellulite massages is their centripetal direction – so the movements are made towards the heart, from down upwards.
D.Each technique will be repeated for at least 2 minutes.
C. During the anti-cellulite massage it is worth using anti-cellulite cosmetics, in order to enhance the effect of the massage.

You can make your own anticellulite massage oil with organic essentials oils.

Mix 200ml of sesame or grape seed oil with the following essential oils:
1. Rosemary (20 drops)
2. Fennel (20 drops)
3. Juniper (15 drops)
4. Grapefruit (15 drops)
5. Geranium (5 drops)

(Or you can always buy anti cellulite massage oils, creams or gels. But watch out as often these products contain chemicals. There is also a huge price range between different products. The most expensive ones are not always the most efficient.)

For the legs:


Apply oil, starting from the knee and moving upwards.

Rub and massage lightly in order to get the blood circulation going.

2.Kneading massage:

Use both hands and fingers in a squeeze-and-lift type of massage.

Imagine you’re kneading bread dough.

This technique eliminates waste deposits and brings the blood closer to the surface.

3.Knuckle massage:

Use your fists to crush into the areas where cellulite is visible.

By pressing hard enough the fat deposits will be broken up.

The metabolism will then evacuate these deposits.

4. “S” massage:

Hold the cellulite in both hands, lift and then twist the surface in opposite directions as if to form the letter “S” with the folds.

Repeat this movement in both directions throughout the treated area.

5. Wringing massage:

Relax your muscles.

Grasp portions of flesh with both hands and twist as if wringing out a wet towel.

Use this massage on thighs and hip areas.

6. To end:

Finish with heavy stroking of deep pressure massage.

Starting from the knees and upwards.

You can use your palms and knuckles.

This is to encourage the upward flow of freed deposits to their ultimate elimination by metabolic action of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

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