DO-IN routine for energy in Mougins

It’s spring, so improve your energy, vitality and strength with our special daily DO-IN routine.

This self-massage from Shiatsu will help you to recover your strength and energy.

Try it in the morning as it is a good way to start the day.

self shiatsu routine Mougins blue tree massage

Let’s go for a 10 minutes session!

You can watch our video of this routine at the bottom of this article.

All tapping is done with loose fists and wrists.

1 Tap top of head with loose fist or fingertips

2 Wipe the forehead with hand, repeat other side

3 Tap top of orbit with your fingers

4 Tap lower orbit with your fingers

massage gattiere

5 Press, using finger tips, both sides of the nose

6 tap cheek bones on fingertips moving from front of face out to side of face

7 Pinch jaw top and bottom moving from front of face out to side of face

8 Pinch and pull your ears

9 Massage neck with hand, repeat other side

massage at home plascassier

10 Support elbow and tap opposite shoulder, repeat other side

11 Tap top of chest

12 Tap down inside of arm then up out side of arm, repeat several times before doing on other side

13 Tap lower chest

14 Rub tummy in a clockwise direction

15 Tap lower back

16 Tap Buttocks

17 Tap down side of legs and back up inside, remember to bend knees as you reach down the leg

18 Tap down back of legs and back up the front, remember to bend knees as you reach down the leg

Please Watch our video here, to follow with us the instructions.

do-in self massage Mougins Blue tree massage

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