Did you know that YOU have healing power?

The simple act of touching is so powerful that it can slow your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system!

Our culture is not very affectionate, and we are losing out on the benefits of regular physical interaction with others. It’s very common these days to live most of our lives in our heads.

Are you experiencing the constant chatter of to-do lists, errands, worries, decisions and criticisms? You are not alone.

When the time comes for rest and relaxation, you may find that your mind cannot stop. Even sleep can become more difficult, further depleting your energy.

Regular touch establishes your mind-body connection and has been proven to:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase endorphin levels (your feel-good hormones)
  • Help you sleep better

Here are some easy ways to incorporate healing touch into your daily routine:

  • Pat people on the back or arm as gentle reassurance.
  • Offer to give and ask a friend a back rub.
  • Ask for a hug! Your body and your mind both need it!
  • Schedule regular relaxing massages
  • Get foot massages or foot reflexology. These forms of healing touch allow your energy to move through your entire body.

This year, make a commitment (to yourself and those around you) to touch more.

From a kiss on the cheek to a massage treatment, take your health into your own hands and feel the power of healing touch.