What is, and why book, a sports massage by Blue Tree Massage?

When thinking of sports massage, one has top athletes in mind getting treatments during training and competition.

This is correct, as it is proven that endurance and performance do increase when an athlete is well prepared before a sport’s activity and better preserved afterwards.

But a sports massage can also be very beneficial for people who are not professionals!

If you are involved in any amateur sport’s activity, a sports massage will limit many injuries and aches.

Any repetitive or forced movement can become painful, as certain muscles are being activated a bit too much and too long.

When playing tennis or golf, arms, wrists and shoulders can become stiff and even blocked, and when running or hiking, glutes, legs and feet can create a lot of discomfort.

A sports massage can also be highly beneficial if you are working regularly in your garden, doing construction work around the house or are having a job which involves manual activity.

When getting a sports massage, certain specific muscle groups will be treated during one or several sessions.

By applying a wide range of techniques, the muscles will be kneaded and rubbed in order to get blood circulation going.

Oxygen will enter more quickly into the blood stream and muscles, while toxins will be drained.

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Joints and ligaments are stretched and loosened at the same time in order to achieve more flexibility.

It’s also a great way for the mind to decompress and destress.

So after a sports massage the general wellbeing will be increased.

Blue Tree massage treats several professional athletes on a regular basis, as well as many clients who have any muscular discomfort from sport, work or leisure activity.

If you would like to get rid of your aches, call us for more information or check out our website.