Running around from store to store, waiting in line, stumbling through the alleys. It can be very tiring and stressful!
Your shoulders, back and neck are hurting?
Probably, but it’s your feet that are suffering the most from this shopping marathon.A great way to relieve tension and ache in your feet is the knuckle technique.

Sit down with one ankle on your other knee so you can reach your foot. Make a fist with your hand and rub with your knuckles over the sole of your foot for about 1 minute.
Apply lots of pressure and move your knuckles in all directions.
Alternate between slow and fast movements.
It can slightly hurt but keep going! Repeat the rubbing on the other foot.
During and after the massage your feet are getting warm as blood is circulating.
Pain, tension and stiffness are reducing immediately.
Its an easy and efficient technique. Try it! Your feet will love it!