Relieve neck, shoulder and back pain with a Deep Tissue massage from Blue Tree Massage on the Côte d’Azur

Most of us have busy and stressful lives, often with not enough daily exercise and movement.

Our bodies become stiff and our core muscles weaken.

This along with bad posture, like sitting behind computers all day, emphasises the discomfort in the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back areas.

massage deep tissue for pain shoulder

The muscles become sore and after a while result in a constant numb pain. This chronic pain will have, in the long run, a negative influence on the quality of life.

Daily stretching and core muscle strengthening exercises are the solution for protecting your body against these kinds of pains.

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An additional way to treat neck, shoulder and back pain is by getting Deep Tissue massage.

This treatment exists of applying specific and precise pressure on selected ligaments, facia and muscles.

It is not a relaxing body massage, as it focuses on specific areas of the body only.

The treatment is often quite painful, as the massaged muscles are extremely sensitive, so communication during the massage is necessary.

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Generally after the first session, the muscle pain decreases, although the following day the treated area could feel a bit sore.

For a more profound result, regular sessions are advised.

At Blue Tree massage we are specialised in Deep Tissue Massage.

deep tissue massage vallauris, cannes

A big part of our clients book our treatments regularly, as it relieves them from the constant discomfort they are living with.

Our rebooking rates are high due to the fact that results occur and pain disappears.

Contact Blue Tree Massage and find out how Deep Tissue Massage can be the solution to your muscle aches.