Offer yourself a de-stress and relaxing massage by Blue Tree Massage

Our hectic lives can sometimes bring anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

The body becomes stiff and achy while the mind never finds a moment of rest and inner peace.

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These intense and very uncomfortable feelings can create in the long run more serious health problems.

Medication is an easy remedy but not always a necessity.

Alternative treatments like massage are an efficient solution in fighting stress.

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For many years, Blue Tree massage has proposed extremely effective relaxing and de-stress massages.

Many clients book regular treatments in order to find a moment of intense wellbeing and serenity.

The Blue Tree de-stress/relaxing massages are based on a combination of several well-known massage techniques like Californian, Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Foot reflexology.

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By massaging specific muscles and applying acupressure points on the head, back, legs, feet, stomach and hands, the body lets go and the mind falls into a deep state of relaxation.

Within minutes a certain tranquillity enters the system, while tension is released slowly from all muscles.

Often clients fall asleep!

After the treatment, even several hours later, many stay in some kind of a ‘bubble’, as it feels like nothing from the outside can enter it.

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The mind is clear and refreshed and negative thoughts have been pushed aside. The general wellbeing has increased.

So if you are stressed, book a Blue Tree Massage!

Start putting yourself first, by offering yourself one hour of quality de-stress and relaxation time.

Your body and mind will be grateful for it!