The do’s and don’ts when getting a massage.

More and more people are getting massages. Mostly clients know how to behave and how it works as they have had several massage experiences before. But for all of them there was a first time. If this is your case, these do’s and don’ts will help you to understand what to expect and to be prepared when getting a massage.

1 Do communicate
This is the most important ‘do’ before, during and after a massage. Discuss before the massage about what the needs and problems are. Never be afraid to speak up during the treatment concerning music, temperature etc. Let me know if you prefer more or less pressure and which areas you want me to focus on or skip. After the massage express your feelings about how you experienced the treatment and even more important when things did frustrate you. Good communication is the bases of having the perfect massage experience.

2 Do not book at the last moment.
Getting a massage means that you are devoting precious time for your body and mind. Book an appointment at least one day in advance in order to prepare and organise yourself to receive a massage in the best condition. For the massage therapist organising an agenda in advance creates a serene and concentrating work environment. Last minute bookings can be stressful for the therapist which can reflect in their work as well as for the client who is psychologically not prepared to receive an immediate treatment.

3 Do reserve enough time before and after.
Most people have hectic and busy lives and a massage takes up precious time out of their schedule. When booking a massage try not to squeeze one in between 2 other appointments. If you need to drive and be stressed to arrive on time and you have to leave again straight after, you will no be receptive and relaxed during your treatment. Reserve enough time before to prepare yourself and after to wind down.

4 Do be on time
Your schedule is tight? Well ours is too! When booking a massage you have reserved a certain number of minutes. When being late you will logically reduce the time you actually will lay on the table. You end up probably being frustrated and stressed which will influence negatively the capacity of enjoying your massage.

5 Do take a shower
Good hygiene is essential for receiving and giving a massage. Try to take a shower as close as possible before your appointment. Especially in the summer or at the end of the day. Clean feet, hands, hair and skin should be a priority. Remember that you are asking someone else to touch you. Covering yourself with lots of deodorant and perfume will be easily recognised. A quick 10 minute hair and body shower is all we ask for.

6 Do turn off your cell phone
When receiving or giving a relaxing massage the worst is to hear text messages, calls, and alarms going off. When you are lying on the table and the phone rings, you immediately be alert. You’re not anymore in the relaxing state of mind but are wondering who it could be. Turning off your cell phone for 60 or 90 minutes will allow your body and mind to reconnect and relax deeply.