Massage for Iron Man athletes and Weekend Hikers in the Nice area.

If you have signed up for the Iron Man in Nice this year, you have probably started a precise workout plan.

In order to increase your performance and reduce injury, you have maybe even included some massage sessions on your weekly calendar.

But not only top athletes will find them highly beneficial.

If you are a weekend hiker, an amateur soccer player or a recreational golfer, you will get huge benefits out of regular massage sessions.

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It seems massage is still viewed as a luxury treatment and is taken often only once an injury or muscular discomfort occurs.

A massage can definitely treat these small injuries but you have probably waited too long!

Regular massages can in many cases prevent you from pain and injury and will increase your limits and endurance, so you will enjoy your sports activities even more!

Also after your work out, massage is a great way to find deep relaxation and has a positive influence on your global wellbeing.

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One of the most common treatments is a Swedish massage, which involves a wide range of strokes with medium to strong pressure and can be very relaxing.

If needed, a deep tissue massage, which, as its name implies, works deeper into the soft tissues of the body and can be beneficial if you suffer from knots and light muscle pains.

A sports massage combines both techniques, plus will warm up the muscles and tissue, stretches them and increases the blood and lymph circulation for better performance.

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We are all different, so the choice of a treatment depends on the needs of each person.

It is key to establish a relationship with your massage therapist so he or she not only gets to know your body but also is able to work out with you what type and depth the massage should be.

You will decide with your therapist, if it’s better scheduling a massage later on the day after you complete a hard or long workout or in the mornings before you exercise.

Or if you want to schedule your treatment on an off day!

This may also vary each week, depending on how you feel and your specific needs for that moment.

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As your budget allows, schedule massages monthly, biweekly, or even weekly and create your personal massage rhythm that fits you best.

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The following auto-massage techniques can be easily applied by yourself before and after each training session.