how to correct bad posture habits?

You probably like most of us work behind a desk many days a week and you are sitting or even hanging in front of your television for several hours a day.

Well it’s not natural to stare at a screen all day. Over time, it takes a toll on your body.

If you spend more time seated than you are standing on your feet, than that can become a problem.

Your posture will pay the price one day.

When adding to bad sitting habits lack of exercise, you will lose muscle strength and flexibility.

You may find it difficult to hold yourself in an ergonomically correct position for longer periods.

Daily stress will amplify all symptoms and make it even harder to maintain a correct posture.

Your muscles will become tense and sore, which make the body more rigid so back, neck and shoulder pain may occur quicker.

You apparently don’t realize the strain that you put on your body day by day when you’re sitting too long, having too much stress and aren’t exercising enough.

These 3 bad habits will one day lead to muscle soreness, stiffness and pain. In extreme circumstances it may even lead to injury.


Regular core and stretching exercises combined with massage will make most problems disappear in a couple of weeks.

Core muscle exercise will increase the strength of your back, stomach and neck muscles in order to support the daily strains that are put on the spine muscles.

Massage will destress the mind and will allow blood and oxygen to flow through the muscles. Your body will feel lighter and you will have more flexibility, so it will make it easier for you to sit upright with an appropriate posture.

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If you can relate to these symptoms these solutions may work for you.

Keep in mind that massage alone can’t solve all of your issues.

If you continue to sit in an incorrect position at work, without doing exercise, massage can give instant relieve but symptoms will come back quickly.

Also be aware that there are many other reasons why back pain may occur. In this case do consult a doctor.

For more details and information contact a massage therapist.

At Blue Tree Massage we treat many clients who suffer from bad posture related back and neck problems.

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So when you’re having similar difficulties do not hesitate to contact us, as solutions do exist.