A Healthy heart through massage

A massage is a perfect way to reduce stress, tension and muscles pains. But did you know that regular massage treatments are excellent for your heart?

heart massage
A heart check-up is important to verify cholesterol and blood pressure. As we all know eating healthy and exercise are essential.

But how can a massage improve a healthy heart?

Well research has proven that regular massages can be very efficient in reducing blood pressure and stress.

Medication and change of diet are efficient and common ways to reduce blood pressure.

A massage by the way will apply a large variety of movements and techniques on the body to increase blood circulation and bring oxygen in the blood.

Regular treatments have proven to be very efficient to lower blood pressure.

massage pour le coeur
Stress is not a direct cause for heart failure. But like other unhealthy ways of living, stress definitely can contribute to heart disease.

Regular massages reduce the cortisol hormone which is directly linked to stress.

Although massage can be an excellent tool to keep your heart healthy, it cannot be used as the miracle solution by itself.

It would be too easy to just lay on the table and have the massage therapist do the job.

A regular massage treatment should be part of a health way of living.

Daily exercise, less sugar, salt, fat, and no smoking go hand in hand with keeping your heart in excellent condition.