Your radiant health through massage

What is the most precious in your life? The answer should be very easy and logical. It’s…. your health!

Feeling well, being balanced and having energy is the keystone to a happy living.

But the curious thing is that taking care of body and mind isn’t the highest importance for all. We aren’t anticipation and protecting ourselves enough as we should do.

When having a health problem we are willing to spend lots of money and energy on doctors and medication instead of taking better care of our body and mind on a daily bases.

Why? I think it’s all about priority in life!

For one part it’s linked to our financial situation as I do understand that income is a direct reason to how far we can extend our priorities.

But putting that a side for a second, I do see that many still put their wellbeing in second place and prefer spending on material and superficial things.

Buying stuff gives the impression of being happy!

And when being stressed, exhausted and unhappy we tend to buy even more!

During the last decade I do tend to notice that more and more people slowly are putting their health on a higher priority.

We are reserving more time and budget for healthy food, meditation and sport!

But often we do forget that massage is the fourth key stone to a healthy and balanced life.

The list is long of what a regular massage can do for us. It increases our immune system and prevents us from all kinds of diseases and aches.

The body recuperates faster and rebalances its energy. We feel less stressed and tired.

We have more positive energy and less joint and muscle pain.


Getting regular massages gives us much higher chance of staying healthy. It’s a very powerful prevention tool.

By giving massage a higher priority, we will contribute in staying fit longer.

And that’s our most precious thing in life!

Roel van Kuijck, massage therapist and owner of Blue Tree Massage