Is a budget holding you back from booking a massage?

Why do many people never get massages?

One of the reasons could be… budget.

Yes,, a massage does cost a certain price as it’s an intensive exercise, practiced for at least one hour, by a skilled therapist.

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It’s also correct that certain spas apply higher rates due to many extra services they include in their facility.

If you’re looking for a professional massage, when a sauna or swimming pool is not a priority, choose a massage studio rather than a spa.

Prices will definitely be more attractive.

Another great way to drop your massage budget is to look for packages and special offers.

At Blue Tree massage we have created a wide range of packages adapted to the specific demands of our clients.

For instance, prices drop by more than 25% when buying 10 massages in advance!

On top of this, we offer the 11th one for FREE!

So for instance, if you would love getting one massage per month, a package is a convenient way of booking without going through the hassle of paying each time.

You know that for 1 year you’re set to go!

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Another important reason why many of our clients use our package service is that there is no time limit. So no stress if you decide to have a break for a few months or you’re traveling several times a year.

You can use it when you want for as long as you want.

Also the package can be used by the person of your choice. You can offer a massage as a gift to a friend, colleague or family member by including them in your package.

We even offer FREE massages to our clients that bring us new clients that buy certain packages.

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So contact Blue Tree Massage and get information about the massage formula that suits you best.

You will be surprised to find out that a regular massage can fit in your life and budget.