What type of massage are you?

When searching for the perfect massage experience, it can be hard to find the right shoe to fit.

Are you a spa client or do you only swear by a home massage?

Are you looking for pure relaxation or do you have health issues?

For some it’s an easy choice but others have stopped looking as they prefer not to take the risk anymore of being frustrated and disappointed after a massage treatment.

It’s crucial to find the massage that fits you best in order to be fully satisfied.

I’ve had many massages myself in spas and at home.

Although most of my massage experiences where excellent, a few times I was very disappointed and wanted to leave in the middle of the session!

Once the movements were so soft that it felt like I was being tickled for 60 minutes and another time the therapist massaged my head for more than 30 minutes although I had chosen for a back and leg massage. I left with more stress than when I arrived!

The most important question to ask yourself when choosing the perfect massage experience, is what do you expect from your treatment and where would you prefer to have it done?

First, is the reason for a massage pure relaxation or is it to heal specific problems?

Second, are you picky about the way the massage is executed or are you not the difficult type?

In other words is a general massage technique what you are looking for or do you prefer one that fits exactly to your problems and needs?

And finally would you prefer going to a spa, having it at your home or going to a massage therapist practice?


When going to a spa, the massage becomes part of a global experience. You can use a sauna, go for a swim, enjoy the beautiful decoration and environment and even have lunch.

Rates are often higher as all facilities are included.

Concerning the actual treatment, you generally choose from a massage menu.

The treatment will be more basic and superficial.

There is little time for communication, special demands and flexibility as there is less interaction between the therapist and the client.

The treatments are mostly focussed on relaxation and destress.

A spa massage is a great option when you have time and want to relax in a Zen ambiance.

A made-to-measure massage is a good choice if you want to create a massage that is personally designed for you.

The massage therapist will carefully listen to your situation and demands.

Together you will decide in detail which techniques to use.

It is possible to mix techniques together, skip or add certain body parts, choose the precise body pressure for each zone and time spend on each area.

The communication before, during and after the treatment will have a direct influence on the treatment.

Finally a home massage can be the best choice for you.

The therapist arrives at your convenient time. Some even work late at night or early in the morning.

You don’t need to leave your house or hotel room, find a parking spot, and worry about being on time.

You gain precious hours. You decide where you want the treatment to be taken place!

After the treatment you don’t need to get ready to go out again in the cold or heat.

You can comfortably stay in your environment, take a bath, prepare for the day or cuddle up and go to bed.

A very effective way to fully enjoy the benefits of a massage.

Take time to choose the right massage experience for you or try out the different options.

We’re all unique so there is no golden rule in how and where a treatment should be experienced.

You will instantly realize when you have found your heaven of well-being.


Roel van Kuijck, massage therapist and owner of Blue Tree Massage