Are you getting a massage only on your vacation?

Your vacation is pamper time!

On each trip you want to make sure that all is perfect. You choose a comfortable hotel and have lovely dinners.

You visit beautiful countries and cultures or you just relax on stunning beaches while drinking the best cocktails ever.

Yes it has to be the most unforgettable moment ever.

The cherry on the cake is booking a massage.


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This wonderful moment of wellbeing has become a part of your vacation and you may even consider it a priority thing to do when travelling. And you’re right!

But what happens when you’re coming back home? Do you immediately fall back in the crazy rhythm of life?

Well it’s logical. Back to your hectic job, kids back to school and a thousand errands to run.

It seems that your well-deserved vacation is a thousand lightyears away. And your heavenly massage treatment became a distant memory.

Your weekly sports activities or a regular drink with your best friend will give you some stress relieve.

Watching your favourite Netflix series and dining once in a while in your favourite restaurant will procure a certain happiness.

But isn’t there something deeper missing?

If you are constantly trying to keep up with the pace of life and you are seeking for profound wellbeing, it’s maybe the massage you’re missing most!

We often see massage as a luxury which we may only allow ourselves during our well-deserved vacation.

But we don’t consider it necessary to continue once being back home.

For some of us a massage is purely seen as recreational without the notion that it brings us profound benefits.

We underestimate the healing power of massage.

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There are maybe also financial reasons why we cannot get regular massages.

Money can be an issue although many of us do tend to spend easily on other divertissements. It’s all a question of priority.

But if budget is a key factor do not worry as solutions do exist.

Massage therapists often offer special rates and packages. Prices can drop as they are much cheaper than one-shot bookings.

Another reason why we don’t book regular massages is because it’s not a part of our western culture.

In many Asian countries massage is part of daily life as in western society our priorities are lying somewhere else.

Although in the last few decades more and more people discover the power of massage and plan regular treatments in their hectic and stressful lives, we generally hesitate getting them at home as we are not educated in how beneficial massage can be.

So if you appreciate massage during your vacation think about continuing at home.

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Once a week or once a month, it doesn’t matter.

Get in contact with a massage therapist and ask how massage can become a part of your general wellbeing by discussing together your needs, your agenda and your budget.

You will very soon experience the power of massage as it will become the key to your wellbeing!

Try it, your body and mind will be grateful!